In many write me to ask information about the Roma Pass, so I decided to write a comprehensive guide to give you some food for thought and solve some of your doubts.

To better understand what I mean, let’s start from the beginning!


We summarize here the 2 Roma Pass, they are differentiated primarily by their validity period.






Duration: 72 HOURS


– Metro / Bus / Tram
– 2 Museums (at your choice and consecutive)
– Discounts for events / exhibitions / tourism services

COST: € 38.50


Duration: 48 HOURS


– Metro / Bus / Tram
– 1 Museum (at your choice)
– Discounts for events / exhibitions / tourism services

COST: € 28.00


If you plan to buy the card just to have unlimited access to transportation, this is not the card for you.

But if you are a tourist who comes to visit Rome, you will certainly enter at least a museum or archaeological site, and almost certainly in 2 … then you’d better buy the Roma Pass Card.


Why? Ok, calculator in hand;-)


The metro ticket valid for 48 hours (without museums / sites and services) costs 12.50 euros.
The Roma Pass Card 48 hours costs 28.00 euros.

Difference: 15.50 euros.
For example: the cost of entry to the Colosseum is 12,00 euros.

3.50 euros is the difference, but you regain them if you think that in the following museums or archaeological sites you visit within 48 hours you will pay a lower tariff, not the whole price.

Add to this, discounted travel services and the ability to skip the queues at the entrance.

My thoughts on transportation included in the card:


  • Consider that in the eternal city you walk a lot, the old town is easily covered on foot, but the subway does not reach everywhere.One of the reasons? (I repeat: “1”!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Remember that in Rome lies a millennial Empire !! 😉                                                                       However this important premise, you do not have to think that using the subway is useless, it is still a metropolis!
  • Bus and tram arrive a bit everywhere, even reaching the suburbs.Many argue that there are no buses, but I assure you that if you have the hotel outside the city center you will not reach it by crossing Rome on foot!Certainly in the center, the transportation run more often but they are also more chaotic! (And still they serve relatively)


Some things to consider:

– The activation of the card start at the moment of its first use, not from the time it is purchased.
– The card also includes discounts to some tourist services, not only the means of transportation and museums.

Very Important to know before you buy the Roma Pass

# 1 It is not valid for transfers to and from the airport (Fiumicino and Ciampino)

You can easily buy the Roma Pass card at the airport but it can not be used to get to the city or vice           versa.

Well, Anna, then how do we reach the city after landing? You will find your answers by                           downloading this guide!

The card is not valid for the following companies: Cotral and Trenitalia.


# 2 Should you purchase the card online?

I’m sorry to tell you, but NO! If you buy the card online, the cost does not change.

The card purchased online has the same price as if you decide to buy it once arrived in Rome.
What you need to focus on is:
1) If you buy it on the internet you still have to go to the information points to retrieve it. well … I do not see conveniences!
2) You can buy online no more than 4 roma pass
3) It is possible to retrieve the card only 24 hours after the time of purchase.
You can still check the opening hours at:


So if you prefer to organize yourself before, remember not to do it too soon !!!

The card is valid within 8 months of purchase.


# 3 Choose the card for the whole family: why it is not convenient

Are you really sure you want to buy the card for the whole family? How old are your children?
I leave you with some food for thought.  In some museums the access for young people is at reduced rates (museums and archaeological sites follow different rules depending on whether they belong to the city of Rome or the Italian State).

It  useful to know:

Colosseum: free entry for children under 18 years / reduced ticket between 18 and 24 years (European Union citizens)

Also consider that the ticket for the metro and bus is free for children under 10 years old.

Now, calculator in hand again and pull your money !!!

Remember: if you have the card you can skip the queue at the ticket office and go directly to the entrance. (In some places at the security check), but those who are with you without purchasing a card still have to go in line to the ticket office to pick up their free ticket.


# 4 Skip the Line and entered the Vatican

It is true, that long line that goes around the Vatican and that will eventually arrive at the door of the Vatican Museums EXISTS.


Can you use the fantastic Roma Pass to skip the queue and maybe not pay the ticket because it is one of the free museums you can choose from?
Sorry, no. The Roma Pass does not include free entrance to the Vatican.

So Anna, do I have to put my soul in peace and pitch a tent for the night?

I reassure you by telling you, first of all, that not in all periods of the year the line is so long and then … you can skip this queue by buying tickets online on the website of the Museums:







Yes, you can visit them all together in a day … if you are FLASH or if instead of feet you have two wings!

Let’s step back.

With the Rome Pass you can enter for free (always a maximum of 1 or 2 sites included, remember that!) at the Colosseum . With the same ticket you can also visit the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.
Tip: Sign in using your card at the Colosseum (the ticket is one of the most expensive along with that of the Borghese Gallery), then if you have no time or are too tired, you can visit the Forum and the Palatine in the following days (before the validity of the card).

The Forum and the Palatine have a single entry, then visit them together, you can not get in and out on different days.



For these two museums reservations are required even if you are in possession of the Roma Pass.

Very important to know:

– Reservations can only be made by phone, not by mail
– The reservation must be done also for those who use the gratuity.