My name is Anna and I wake up in the morning with the desire to travel.
Since when? Since the day I was born.
My house is in an old town where, if you get lost, you will have been very lucky.
It is in its most hidden streets that you continue to be surprised day by day.
It is called Rome and it has been there for a while.
My house is also in the fascinating land of Sicily , where the scents and traditions are still precious gifts to be protected.
My grandparents have left in my blood a love for that land.
My house is there, in that Region that almost wants to ” hide” itself but that has much to offer.
I ‘ll introduce it to you, it is called Piedmont and is a land which it is easy to fall in love with…forever.
The salt pans of Trapani enchant me, the sun shines over the peaks of the Dolomites and the crystal clear waters of the Costa Smeralda.
I feel at home when I wake up in the morning with the smell of Moka coffee.
I like to get lost in the passionate speeches of the people you meet as you walk through the fruit and vegetable market, and that even if they do not know you, smile at you and ask you how are you doing today.
I love my deep silence when I listen to grandparents telling stories of an Italy that belongs to us even if it seems far away … because it is so , we have it in our blood.
I love Romans because in front of the exasperation of the problems of a big City, they know how to laugh about them with bitter irony which makes them in the end, and despite all, always keep their head up. The historical origins never get lost.
I love Italy in all of its forms and its colors and I love helping others to live their travel experiences in my Country , as well as possible.
– I’m a Travel Independent Virtual Consultant so I can help you to organize your next trip to Rome
– I ‘m an Italian Tutor on skype, I have a conversation with you in Italian language if you want to improve your Level of knowledge. (Medium- Advanced Level)
If you need help , I’m happy to be here. ¬†Write me at info@spicyitalianlife.com
I wait for you!