Couple of days at the New Year and still (as always I would say!) we had not decided what to do.

In the end … I never thought in a single day to immerse myself as much in the magic of Christmas.



Where we are? About 1 hour from Rome, in a town called Viterbo.

I’m talking about the Caffeine Christmas Village, a magical place for children and adults!



It has been an opportunity to discover that we still have in the heart the desire to get excited for the lights that adorn the windows, the Christmas melodies played in the streets, craft shops … and yes, in a moment we’re attracted with that candor which shines in children’s eyes.



It ‘was great to walk the streets of the medieval village listening to the music coming from the squares of the old town, guys who have been playing for hours entertained passers by so much as to forget the whole winter temperatures!


At midnight, many lanterns were switch on around us were flying in the sky loads of wishes of those who, with “fatigue”, tried to make them fly!




My compliments to Fondazione Caffeina Cultura, organizer of the Christmas Village of Viterbo, to be able to create Christmas atmosphere, attention to detail, so extraordinary as to make us become children again for a night.